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In Person
Mediumship Readings

Mediumship Readings are pro-rated based on the length of your reading. A 15-minute reading is $40, and a 30-minute reading is $60. Pam's purpose is to reunite you with your loved ones in spirit through the evidence and emotion that brings healing to both of you, soul to soul connections

15 Minute Mediumship Reading           
30 Minute Mediumship Reading
Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings are $5 per card. Tarot readings bring you guidance and understanding. They give you insight into your current state of mind and possible solutions for the future.  Any future insights are not set in stone as you have your free will to direct the course of your life.

3 Card Reading 
5 Card Reading 
7 Card Reading 
Lenormand Card Readings

Lenormand Card Readings are a 3-card minimum for $15. Twelve card readings that address 4 separate aspects of your life are $60. Lenormand cards have simple concrete meanings, and many find them to be extremely accurate for everyday life and predictions.

3 Card Lenormand Reading
12 Card Lenormand Reading
Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation $15. Dreams can be complex in their meanings. Often times there are little insights into your life and what is on your subconscious mind. Pam can help you to understand the symbolism of what you see in your dreams. Other times your dreams bring you messages or visitations from your loved ones in Spirit.

Dream Interpretation
Energy Healing Session 45 minutes--$50

Pam's healing method is a combination of Spiritual healing and Reiki. The typical session lasts from 45-60 minutes.

Energy Healing Session

All readings must be paid for at the time of booking.

Disclaimer: The readings that I provide are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information that I give you, including any actions you take, is up to your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. My services are not a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert. In accordance with the law, when you order this product you are confirming that you understand this product is for entertainment purposes only. This is not to be substituted for medical, psychological, legal, or any other legally recognized professional services 

* I will not perform readings for minors (under the age of 18). I will not provide readings for third parties (anyone other than the client), or any other reading which violates another person's right to privacy.

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