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Energy Healing

Every form of energy healing is based on the concept that we are all made of “the same stuff” and all connected energetically. The same life force runs through all of us and all of creation, as it all comes from the same Universal Source. My role as a healer is to be the catalyst to activate your own healing energies within your body. If your "life force energy" is low, then you are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, you are more capable of being happy and healthy.


The basic concept underlying energy healing is that the body has an energy field that is central to its health and proper functioning, and this energy travels in certain pathways that can become blocked or weakened. Everyone has the potential to access universal life energy, but over time most people's systems become blocked and the energy becomes weakened in them. I am trained to detect these blockages, and I will use my hands, thoughts, and my own energy field to improve your energy flow and levels.


Before each session, I spend some time with my healing guides, focusing on you, scanning you for blockages or any areas that “light up” on my visual screen. I am prepared then to direct more healing to certain areas. But the truth is—the energy knows where to go whether I direct it or not!


Healing sessions can be done online as well because we are all connected by energetic strands that serve as highways for the healing energies to travel. I am a Level 3 Usui Reiki master. I also offer Reiki classes and certifications. All can be done in person or online.

A Reiki Healing Session is $60

If you would like to inquire about Reiki Classes and Certifications please contact Pam. 

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