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Healing Client Testimonials

• "I recently had my first session with Pam, and highly recommend her powerful healing spirit! I continue to recover and feel much better and hopeful for the future Thank you Pam" Eileen J Mix, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB



• " I had reiki healing from Pam, I had never had this before but found it to be wonderful, I could feel warmth and tingling where she was remotely telling me she was doing the healing, I also could see beautiful pastel colours and after the healing I was sleepy and had the best nights sleep I have had in months. In the days that followed I was extremely relaxed and it was if all my anxiety had just disappeared. Bless you Pam xx"

~ Elanie Fleming 


• " May I take this opportunity to give my heartfelt thanks to Pam for the wonderful prayers and healing Pam channeled to me last night. I could feel the soft, gentle energy of healing, love and light flowing through out my body. Not only did Pam relax the muscles and tensions in my physical body, but also opened up my heart wide enough for me to embrace the hurts within. The experience was a deeply felt reconciliation of my heart, body, and soul. Pam is truly an amazing Spiritual Healer, my Brother had cancer of the esophagus three years ago, and together with the Chemo Consultant and Surgeon, Pam's compassion, prayers and support to us both throughout, saw my Brother and I through this long painful journey. I highly recommend Pam to everyone who is in need of Healing. May God Bless you (((Pam))) xxx. "



• " Pam Berman has a very gentle and caring energy. She facilitated Reiki classes, attunements and course material for me leading me to reach Level II. She never judged me on any silly questions I may have asked and was very patient with me. I am not located in Illinois, so we did all the services over video chat. I LOVED it! I got to learn all while being in my pajamas lol. She is VERY thorough and gently pushes you to be the best you can be. I highly recommend any classes she offers! " 

~ Carrie 

• " I am so grateful for Pam’s healing yesterday!! She is such a beautiful warm person to begin. I loved the meditation she started with so relaxing and she made sure I was comfortable throughout our session. She had such a warm powerful energy and really pin pointed areas that have had severe trauma. I felt the love & guidance in my healing. I also had a great night sleep! Thank you so much Pam!!! I needed that!! " 

~ LJ

Mediumship Client Testimonials

• " I received a reading from Pam and she brought through my mum, it was as if mum was standing with her and telling her things and it was such wonderful proof of life in spirit. Next Pam connected with my biggest loss and upset 6 months ago very suddenly and extremely sadly my darling husband passed away and the connection Pam had with him was as if he was standing next to me in the room she gave an amazing amount of evidence about our lives together and again showed me that there is life after we pass home to spirit. With huge thanks and blessings Pam xx "

~ Elaine Fleming

• " Pam Berman’s readings are so close-to-the-bone, you would think your aura was not only visible to Pam, but intricately and compassionately viewed as well. Her readings are clear, but also filled with gentle or humorous insights as needed. She imparts a special healing quality to all her work, whether it’s mediumship or psychic readings. "

~ Melanie Alberts, Austin Texas

• " Pam you have given me quite a few that were very accurate. Thank you again . Your a wonderful medium. "

~Rose Fulhorst, Gillespie, Illinois

• " I highly recommend Pam to everyone. My reading was very thorough and I was amazed at the accuracy. Pam is very compassionate and it comes through in her readings. Thank you Pam! "

~ Michelle D.

• " Thank you Pam! You gave me a sense of peace and reassurance. ♥♥♥ "

~ Melanie D.

Tarot & Lenormand Reading Client Testimonials

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