About Pam

" Let me be the messenger of love and healing that touches your soul, and the souls of your loved ones. "  

Pam is a spiritual medium, a psychic and a reiki master. Her passion is to bring healing to her clients through messages from their loved ones on the other side, through psychic readings and through energy healing. All of her services are available in person at my Schaumburg location or online via Skype.   


Schaumburg IL 60173

Tel: 708-804-8931
Mail: imonlast@comcast.net

Available Services
  • Mediumship Readings

  • Tarot and Lenormand Readings

  • Dream Interpretation 

  • Reiki Sessions

  • Reiki Classes and Certification

A little bit about my journey...

I was diagnosed with a genetic disease 12 years ago, one that is life-threatening, as it causes my body to form multiple polyps. I was terrified at first, but my diagnosis was the greatest blessing of my life because it was the catalyst of my spiritual awakening. I had always been a religious woman, but I had no experience of being truly spiritual. My illness was the catalyst for my deep knowing that there was more to life than what we perceive with our physical senses.

I began going to an online spiritual site. There I met a woman who is a Reiki master and an amazing healer. She introduced me to healing and self-healing, and she told me that there is nothing that cannot be healed. My teacher told me that when our body has created something, no matter what the dis-ease or condition may be, our body can UN-create it as well. Remember this! I didn't believe my healing teacher then, as my understanding was that genetics cannot be altered. But she was right!

I began self-healing in 2008, every single day. I was scheduled to have a complete colectomy in March of 2009. Just before my surgery, my surgeon took a few minutes to look at my most recent scans. He came back to me and said-"I have good news for you. There are no polyps on the left side of your colon. So if it's OK with you, I will only remove the right side." I was overjoyed, and I decided to train first as a spiritual healer and then as a Reiki practitioner, so that I could give back the healing I had so miraculously received. I am now a level 3 Usui Reiki Master.

During this time I have also explored mediumship and tarot card readings. I am blessed to now have a beautiful relationship with Spirit that is based on mutual love and trust. I have taken several mediumship courses over the years and attended workshops. I am so excited now to bring my clients the joy and healing that comes from being reunited with their loved ones in Spirit. My card readings provide guidance and insights that also lead to healing with understanding and clarity. Healing is the basis of all that I do!

Schaumburg, Illinois  |  TEL- 708-804-8931| Email- imonlast@comcast.net